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The i4 Neuroleader Program

Improve your competencies.                                       

Foster your professional skills and inner abilities.                                      

Become a better self and workplace leader.  


A well-structured learning platform with graspable modules  and printable materials to suit self-paced and in-class learning. 

Straight forward 



Innovative leadership program powered by scientific research of the nervous system and the brain in the areas of memory, communication, mental processes, and wellbeing. 

Powered by 

scientific research


Programs delivered to some of the largest companies in the world, including Coca-Cola, Microsoft Corporation, IBM. 


In the higher education sector, programs are delivered to educational institutions including the University of Sydney and the University of Melbourne. 

Trusted by 

large organisations 


"Leadership and wellbeing is not rocket science. It’s brain science."®

Garry Mills,
One Study Space Director of Short Courses and Career Trainings

Trusted by 

small to large organisations all around the world,

and in all types of industries!

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