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March and April 2023 News


We're proud to have co-organised the 2023 Guangxi International Vocational Education Expo with our key partner in China, Dongnanya.

At One Study Space, we want to make education more international by working together. We were thrilled to contribute to this large-scale event in China and reconnect with industry representatives from our partner universities and institutions such as the China-Australia Chamber of Commerce, Yes International College Malaysia, the University of Newcastle and Western Sydney University from Australia.


We are particularly excited to be in China again for a large-scale event after a break from pandemic-related restrictions. Where we showcased One Study Space's programs that feature diverse pathways and worldwide student progressions, it was great to reconnect with industry representatives from around the world who came to talk about education programs that allow students to explore a world of possibilities.

One Study Space International Education Discussion Expo banner.png

November and December 2022 News


We are excited to announce that One Study Space has established a collaboration with the Posts and Telecommunications Institute of Technology (PTIT) and Center for International Education (CIE) in Vietnam. Together, we aim to support our students and prepare them for future research, university studies and studying abroad.


PTIT is a ministerial unit in Vietnam that provides education, training, research, consulting, and technology transfer in Posts, Telecommunications, and Information Technology to meet the demands of society and the information and communication sector. As part of this collaboration, we will be working with PTIT and CIE to provide training in English proficiency and academic skills to enhance our students' future prospects. 


In addition, we are also thrilled to announce some exciting news for EAP Space, VTV-Live, a subsidiary of Vietnam TV, which has established a new online training platform to enhance student academic skills and English proficiency will collaborate with us on digital English training via EAP Space. 


In the same month, EAP Space established a partnership with Piti E-Library, Myanmar, As the world's first digital academic English program, we are thrilled to have connected for this valuable partnership with Piti E-Library in Myanmar. This collaboration allows us to expand our reach and offer our platform to even more students through Piti E-Library's well-established English content library. 

Navy Blue White Marble Minimalist Art Gallery Facebook Post.png

September and October 2022 News


One Study Space is pleased to share that our International Foundation Year (IFY) students in Vietnam are making good progress and are advancing to the next stage on their international education journey. Through our accredited NCUK program, One Study Space strives to provide them with the best route to their chosen university under the NCUK Guarantee which ensures that students who achieve the target score across their subjects secure a place at an NCUK partnered university.


Despite the challenges and uncertainty introduced by the pandemic, the NCUK IFY Class of 2021 students in Vietnam completed their studies with flying results. As countries like New Zealand, Australia, and the United Kingdom reopen their borders to welcome international students, our NCUK students are well-prepared to take the next step in their international education because they have the skills and knowledge to achieve their best potential.


We want to extend our special thanks to our students, the dedicated Vietnam team, and valued partners for their on-going support and contributions. For more information on the progress of our IFY students in Vietnam, please refer here

July and August 2022 News


In July, we had the pleasure of hosting our annual NCUK-Connect event in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City; we were thrilled to see the active participation and brilliant ideas shared by our partners and students. We want to extend a big thank you to all who made the event a success. 


During the event, we also had the opportunity to hear from the parents of our NCUK IFY alumni, who have used our services to prepare their children for their studies abroad. It was inspiring to hear about the great outcome of our NCUK Guarantee progression and how One Study Space (OSS) has helped prepare students with the necessary skills to excel at overseas universities. 


We are excited to announce that in August, One Study Space will run a series of free EAP Space speaking workshops for our students. This series will prepare students to become effective communicators in academic and social settings at universities abroad.

Please refer your students to register on the EAP Space event page

May and June 2022 News 

Last weekend, One Study Space successfully hosted the "Pathway to Global Horizons" event in Ho Chi Minh City (VN) and Hanoi (VN). The interactive format of the event facilitated great discussions between students in Vietnam, top global universities, and our staff.


We were delighted to share the latest global education insights and how our English language and foundation programme prepares students to be part of the global citizenry and helps ready them for their "pathways to global horizons".


We thank our partnered universities for their support, insightful workshops on top job markets, and industry growth insights.


In other news, One Study Space is launching a new study centre in Nanning China, with the same vision of "Transforming tomorrow's education from today".


With nature-inspired classroom design and STEM education systems supported by multi-media, Open Prep Space (OPS) Nanning will offer simple, smart access to high-quality international certifications while fostering a fun learning experience.

Global Horizon day- One study space.jpeg

March and April 2022 News 

Our Director of Business Development, Kevin, is currently in Vietnam for fruitful discussions with our regional partners. 


The Vietnam project team is currently in conversations with a list of selective partners to lay the foundations for further NCUK and EAP Space project developments and discuss the regional specific tactics to meet the growing demands of high-quality international programmes in Vietnam. 


Here is a quick summary of what they have discussed briefly: 

  • Current trends and insights into Vietnam's international education sector and how our pre-master pathway program can cope with the new demand

  • Upcoming student promotional plans for the Vietnam intakes 

  • Collaboration on recruitment events later this year 

  • University application supports for current NCUK IFY students happening later this year 

  • NCUK Vietnam campus visits 

  • Professional development workshops 


The Vietnam team will continue the rest of their trip in Ho Chi Minh City and surrounding provinces.

Vietnam team project development .png

January and February 2022 News 

Origo Education Group International Announces the Launch of One Study Space.

One Study Space has been officially launched for the convenience of our stakeholders who can now obtain all the information and consultation they require from one central unit.

One Study Space strengthens the initial vision of Origo Education Group to internationalise education through working with all business partners to form an open, collaborative and educational collective. The services of One Study Space are as follows:

•Transitional Education (TNE) Space: Fast-tracked Internationally accredited programs with top global university progressions.

•Smart Learning Space: launched the first digital EAP Program, EAP Space, which is aligned with CEFR and leading to 100+ global universities.

•Continuing Learning Space: a series of customisable professional development workshops created by Australia's top Accredited Coach.

One Study Space will evolve its service offerings to a structural connection of all Origo services and education programs into one innovative and continuous institutional development service for all regional partners. Thus, it facilitates our programs and services being both a collaborative business process and a resource platform that benefits multiple partners at once.

One Study Space, For One and All.

One Study Space- newsletter.png

September and October 2021 News 

EAP Space, the first digital English for Academic Purposes program, is now part of the Australian Research Council (ARC) project initiative and collaboration for research support at the University of Wollongong. Being part of the Australian Government's plan to invest in ideas and innovation, the research related to EAP Space aims to investigate practical methods for improving teaching and learning practices through the analysis of valuable systems data and ongoing surveys with the current students of EAP Space. 


The project will provide significant benefits for distance learning and in-class digitally assisted learning on the EAP Space platform.

EAP Space ARC.png

July and August 2021 News

Origo has organised a list of virtual experience classes with multiple NCUK partner universities and partners in the South-East Asia Region to cope with the locally imposed covid restrictions. As a result, many students had the opportunity to interact with representatives and lecturers to stay connected in light of covid.


In addition, Origo is continually working with the University of Wollongong on enhancing the collaborative systems work of EAP Space; the research focus will be to identify student participation and self-regulation for long term student motivation.


This collaboration will also improve the automated tutoring system and data collection algorithms that will harvest system data.

NCUK experience classes.png

May and June 2021 News

EAP Space is getting a new look!


Origo's first digital English for Academic program, EAP Space, is going through the second stage of development to improve its user interface, back end data analysis abilities, and structural change to transform the next version of the platform into an Open Education Resources platform for Academic English. Some of the development is expected to be completed in early November.

Eapspace Login page access.png

March and April 2021  Newsletter

Thanks to the unwavering support of NCUK universities and our agent partners, the NCUK University Admissions Day event at the University of Economics Ho Chi Minh City and Nguyen Sieu School (Hanoi) had a great turnout. Parents and students enjoyed discussions with university representatives from across the NCUK Global Network and external partners on topics ranging from scholarships, student life, university applications, and worldwide study opportunities. We have even more great NCUK events coming up this year. 


In addition to the NCUK program, since the EAP Space Vietnam launch with the Centre for International Education Consultancy (CIEC) in August last year, the digital English for Academic Purposes (EAP) program has received more than 1000 student account registrations from 26 high schools in Vietnam. 


Origo has also confirmed six areas of future development for the platform such as adding an Open Educational Resources system for partnered schools to maximise teaching and learning benefits to students and staff. 

get there_  NCUK-4.png

January and February 2021  Newsletter

Origo's EAP Space, the world's first digital English For Academic Purposes program, is now being incorporated by five Vietnamese and one Chinese high school to deliver flexible academic English teaching and open pathways for further overseas study in English.


Agent meetings and school visits for Transnational Education (TNE) programs in the SEA region have resumed to some degree as the pandemic restrictions ease.

nss and uhh EAP space activity.png

October and November 2020 Newsletter 
The i4 Neuroleader Program

We are pleased to announce the upcoming introduction of the i4 Neuroleader Program developed by the ‘About my Brain Institute’ to the Asia-Pacific region. We warmly congratulate our Director of Short Courses and Career Training, Mr Garry Mills on his new appointment as the President in Asia for the About my Brain Institute.


The i4 Neuroleader Program developed by the About my Brain Institute is trusted by large organisations, including Coca-Cola, Microsoft Corporation, IBM; and the University of Sydney and the University of Melbourne in the higher education sector.


The i4 Neuroleader Program is an award-winning Innovative leadership program powered by scientific research of the nervous system and the brain in the areas of memory, communication, mental processes, and wellbeing.

garry newsletter.png

September 2020 Newsletter 
Origo continues to develop new programs in the SEA region


Origo has established a one-of-a-kind partnership with Yes International College in Malaysia, to deliver undergraduate and vocational qualifications that lead to further progression and placement opportunities in China. 

In addition, after collaborating with UEH, Origo has also reached another agreement with a focused school in Hanoi to be the second international Foundation Program location in Vietnam. 

Yes International College.png

August 2020 Newsletter 
EAP Space has officially launched in northern Vietnam 


Innovation and transformation have been the driving force behind Origo and have equally informed the philosophy of EAP Space from the first day of its development.  


EAP Space is a unique programme; it is the first digital English for Academic Purposes program aligned with the CEFR framework. EAP Space represents an innovative way to learn Academic English and provides an English pathway to 35+ global universities.


EAP Space is a product that integrates a well-recognised English for Academic Purposes (EAP) program with an innovative student-oriented, flexible, and convenient design created in-house by our Australian team. Students can learn Academic English in any place and at any time with interactive exercises and content at a minimal cost.


EAP Space has proudly launched with the Centre for International Education Consultancy (CIEC) in Northern Vietnam. 

Centre for International Education Consultancy (CIEC).png

May and June 2020 Newsletter

The Origo Education Group has a new partner in Guangzhou – The Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts!

To prepare students to advance to their dream of fine art, Origo will equip our English For Academic Program (EAP) with the Art International Programme (AIP) from The Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts Shenzhen campus.

Origo EAP is an English pilot program that accommodates to students needs in improving their English proficiency via its specially designed platform.

The Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts!.jpg

March and April 2020 Newsletter

Origo Education Group is following all the official advice from the government and the World Health Organisation in relation to the COVID-19 epidemic.

Despite the detrimental effects COVID-19 has on our industry, Origo is very pro-active in technology-assisted teaching and development for our previous transnational education projects. Our teachings for International Foundation Courses in China and Vietnam and Tutoring Courses in Australia have been successfully re-designed as online activities.

Origo's Non-for-profit online learning platform, EAP on Device project is being re-developed as a separate web-based version with the purpose of strengthening interactions and accessibilities for students.

March and April 2020 Newsletter.png

February 2020 Newsletter

On the 27th of February, The Australian Government has announced its emergency response plan for Coronavirus (COVID-19). Origo has contacted the commencing and continuing students from mainland China to provide advice and support.

Origo will be liaising with our partners in the South-East Asia Region to rearrange visits and webinar workshops.

Our response to the Coronavirus

-Supporting all staff and students who are required to be quarantined.

-Extended Office lockdown period for cleaning and sanitizing

-Provide support for students applying for a course deferral

-Delay in travel to Asia for all staff and students.

-Regular supporting and counselling service to our team in China.

Courses that are affected

-International Foundation Courses in China and Vietnam

- Tutoring Courses and Workshops in Australia

Surgical Mask

Hong Kong Famous Brand Award Ceremony 2019

Origo Education Group received an honorary gold award at the "Hong Kong Famous Brand Award Ceremony 2019."

Hong Kong Famous Brand Award Ceremony 2019.jpg

Workshop delivered at the Hong Kong Federation of Trade Union

WhatsApp Image 2019-12-05 at 1.12_edited.jpg

Origo participated in the Cultural and Art Exchange Exhibition hosted by the Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts

Origo participated in the Cultural and Art Exchange Exhibition hosted by the Guangzhou Aca

Establishment of a sister-school partnership between S.K.H. Good Shepherd Primary School and  Huizhou No.11 Elementary School Jinbang Branch School

Establishment of sister-school partnership between S.K.H. Good Shepherd Primary School and

Project discussions with a local education agency in Vietnam 

Project discussions with a local  education agency in Vietnam .jpg

Project Meeting with MAHSA University, Malaysia

Project Meeting with MAHSA University, Malaysia.jpg

Delivery of International Communication Webinar for the Global Education Technology of Hong Kong 

Delivery of International Communication Webinar for the Global Education Technology of Hon

Partnership with the S.K.H. Good Shepherd Primary School

Partnership with the S.K.H. Good Shepherd Primary School.jpeg

Radio interview with D100 Hong Kong 

Radio Interview with D100.jpeg

Music and Cultural Exchange Tour with the S.K.H. Good Shepherd Primary School organised by the Origo Education Group 

Music and Cultural Exchange Tour with the S.K.H. Good Shepherd Primary School organised by

Professional Development Workshops  with the Hong Kong Federation of Trade Unions

Professional Development Workshops  with the Hong Kong Federation of Trade Unions.jpg

Guest Speaking for the Hong Kong Commercial Chamber 

WhatsApp Image 2019-12-05 at 1.12.57 PM.jpeg

Interstate Excursion- Outside of classroom activity

Interstate Excursion Outside of classroom activity.jpeg

Collaborative partnerships discussion with the National Foreign Relations College of Vietnam 

Collaborative partnerships discussion with the National Foregin Relations College of Vietn

Collaborative partnerships with the Macau Institute of Management

garry meeting 3.jpg

Collaborative partnerships discussion with the Shenzhen Huaqiang Vocational Technical School

Collaborative partnerships discussion with the Shenzhen Huaqiang Vocational Technical Scho

Discussion of internationalisation of curriculum with Changsha Jingnan Female College

WhatsApp Image 2019-12-10 at 11.43.28 PM.jpeg

Signing Ceremony with Longyou Kema International School 

Signing Ceremony with Longyou Kema International School .jpeg
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