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Research Project

EAP Space, the first digital English for Academic Purposes program, is now part of the Australian Research Council (ARC) project initiative and collaboration for research support with multiple universities. 


Being part of the Australian Government's plan to invest in ideas and innovation, the research related to EAP Space aims to investigate practical methods for improving teaching and learning practices through the analysis of valuable systems data and ongoing surveys with the current students of EAP Space. 

Research Developments 

Blended Collaborative Learning via Open Education Resources with Computational Intelligence

Our joint research collaboration with the Australian Research Council (ARC) and multiple Australian universities. The development aims to investigate the supply of blended collaborative learning at Scale (BCL@S) in a technology-enhanced environment with the engagement of many learners and enormous open education resources (OERs), but comparatively few onsite instructors or experts. We will achieve this aim by using novel computational intelligence-based methods that enhance the cognitive load for learners in BCL through OERs.

Smart and Ubiquitous Knowledge Governance in Federated Education Ecosystems 

This project addresses challenging issues that arise as a result of decentralised knowledge governance in the large-scale open education ecosystem, where ubiquitous learning dominates. To meet the ever-changing demand for new skills in global job markets, ubiquitous learning has gained increased interest. This is observed globally in both formal education (i.e., secondary and tertiary education) and vocational training (i.e., TAFE, private coaching and human resources- oriented training). Our EAP Space is taking an important role for language preparation in this ECO System.

EAP Space development-  Built in Artificial intelligence 

Research led by the University of Wollongong, with consultations from project partners to develop AI-based solutions to improve its English for Academic Purposes (EAP) program.

EAP Space is the very first English for Academic Purposes (EAP) program which is digitalised to fill the gap in the shortage of physical on-location EAP teaching in Australia post-pandemic. It also provides an effective and smart solution for Australian schools facing limited resources in academically focused ESL teaching. Being an EAP and transnational education program provider, we at OEGI run Australian education and other western education programs and curriculums overseas, mostly in developing countries. These experiences among many more have trained OEGI to become an educator with an accurate and strong sense of knowing the needs of regional education.

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