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Smart Learning Space 

The COVID-19 Pandemic has accelerated existing trends in smart learning as millions of students had to adapt to new training methods with education shifting away from the traditional classroom.

While most online learning technologies are set out to maintain continuity or supplement face to face education, Smart Learning Space transforms educational institutions with tailored, effective, online or blended learning structures.

Our English for Academic Purposes program is now fully transformed into a multi-level online curriculum, EAP Space, and is trusted by our partners across China and Vietnam. It develops effective learning outcomes from supervised face to face learning extending to online and blended classroom learning. In 2020, the EAP Space digital program was officially launched alongside the Ministry of Education, Vietnam, as part of the national strategies for furthering International Education in Vietnam. To date, 26 High Schools across the country are using EAP Space either as a recommended self-guided learning tool or an in-class instruction tool.


While the future of smart learning continues to unfold challenges and opportunities, our long term mission is to create a sustainable Collaborative Space platform for partners, teaching staff and students around the globe. An open platform facilitates the seamless exchange of resources, ideas, learning materials and activities; that can be implemented for both online and offline environments.

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